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What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that revolves around most aspects of self-defense. This fighting style is mainly known for its high throws and painful joint locks. You also train kicks and hand strikes that you may recognize from other fighting styles such as boxing and taekwondo.

There are several styles of Hapkido. The style taught at HITIO Gym is Sangrok Hapkido, which distinguishes itself from several other styles by also including grappling in the curriculum. Directly translated, Hapkido means “The Way of Coordinated Power”, meaning that the aim is to use your attacker’s power to defend yourself. That’s why Hapkido is suitable for everyone regardless of how big or strong they are.

As with many Asian martial arts, Hapkido has a belt system. There are 10 levels before the black belt, and nine black belt levels. This is helpful for educational purposes as well as motivational, giving you a new goal to strive for every time you earn a new belt.

Hapkido trains your flexibility, strength and general fitness. Our priority is to ensure that every lesson is a complete training lesson which contains all the components required for you as a practitioner to develop in a physical, mental and educational sense.

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