We guarantee that our martial arts classes at HITIO Gym Orpington will always make you smile, sweat, and learn.

We guarantee that our martial arts classes will always make you smile, sweat, and learn.

Find Your Martial Arts Joy

Experience the joy of martial arts at HITIO Gym! Choose from a variety of martial arts disciplines such as Boxing, Kickboxing and BJJ. Our training sessions are for everyone who wants to have fun and learn at the same time, regardless of their level.

More Than Just Martial Arts

At HITIO Gym, you not only have access to martial arts classes but also a complete fitness center with dedicated areas for strength training, cardio, functional training, and group fitness.

Join Our Fitness Community

No matter what your training preferences are, you'll find everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. Welcome to our fitness community! Experience the joy of martial arts and become part of our inspiring environment.

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We have nearly 30 centers spread across Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.

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Regardless of your fitness level or experience, you are welcome. We'll find a time that suits you – all you need is regular workout attire and a water bottle. We'll take care of the rest, so you can look forward to smiling, sweating, and learning with us!

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At HITIO Gym, you'll experience a unique martial arts journey that enhances body control, builds confidence, and improves fitness – all in an efficient and enjoyable manner. Regardless of your experience or background, our instructors will guide you towards your goals. Get to know like-minded individuals and share the joy of training.
A varied selection of martial arts classes to choose from.
Emphasis on body control, confidence, and physical fitness.
Adaptable for all levels of experience and fitness.
Skilled instructors provide personalized guidance.
Become a part of our community and forge new friendships while you train!
State-of-the-art gym facilities and access to fitness group classes.
Take the first step towards a stronger and more confident version of yourself!
If you're looking for a pleasant and clean gym, then this is the place for you. And if you also want to train martial arts, boxing, or kickboxing, then you've found a winner.
- Ida


At our location, you'll discover a modern and inspiring workout environment, equipped with everything you need for strength and cardio training. Choose to exercise whenever it suits you with your own access card, or visit us during staffed hours for assistance and guidance.

This place... if you're looking for martial arts or strength training, it's absolutely fantastic! The instructors are serious and tough. There's a great balance between fun and seriousness. They consider those who are a bit weaker in the same way they offer more challenges to those who are better.
- Carl


We're more than just a gym; we're an inclusive community. Here, the whole family can train together, and each member receives individual attention. Our instructors and personal trainers aren't just skilled professionals; they see and include everyone.

Join us and experience a unique workout environment where we help you become the best version of yourself.

Great gym and martial arts for all levels and age groups. Skilled instructors who have the right combination of motivation and just the right amount of strictness when needed to bring out the best in everyone. Highly recommended to everyone!
- Jørgen

The Martial Arts We Offer


Boxing is a challenging and fun way to train. Learn basic footwork, how to throw a punch and the art of defence at one of our HITIO Gym boxing classes.

In addition to being a martial art, boxing is also a really great way to get in shape. It makes you stronger and healthier while also building your endurance. Expect to break a sweat and feel your muscles burn!


Kickboxing is a training form that can be practiced in various ways, with the main focus on effective workout sessions within a social community of others.

The classes are intense and varied, featuring different exercises that quickly build strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Learn something new every single week.

There are no limitations to who can practice kickboxing, but at HITIO Gym, our kickboxing classes are reserved for teenagers and adults.


BJJ is often regarded as the most effective one-on-one martial art, and much of what we train is essential for self-defense situations.

This form of self-defense was developed with the principle that a smaller and weaker person should be able to overcome larger and stronger opponents through proper technique.

Training is done with the traditional gi, and the focus is on grappling, where the art lies in controlling, neutralizing, and getting the opponent to submit.

Some of our gyms also offer no-gi classes, where you train in shorts/tights/rashguard instead of a uniform. This is also known as submission wrestling. Check the schedule at your local gym.

Ready to get started?


Do you offer a dedicated membership for martial arts?

At HITIO Gym, most of our centers provide a comprehensive membership that includes access to specialized martial arts classes. This membership also grants you access to our gym facilities and fitness group sessions. For specific details, please consult your local HITIO Gym.

Do you need experience to participate in your martial arts training?

No, you don't need any specific experience or fitness level to join our martial arts training sessions. Regardless of your training background or prior knowledge, you can start practicing martial arts with us. Our skilled instructors will guide you and you can adjust the exercises according to your own capabilities.

What types of martial arts do you offer?

At HITIO Gym Orpington, we offer Boxing, Kickboxing and BJJ.

Do you have a commitment period for membership?

In general, we don't have a commitment period for membership, but it can vary based on your local HITIO Gym. Some locations might offer monthly pricing with the option for a commitment period. Please check with your nearest HITIO Gym for more information about membership options.

How do I become a member?

You can easily sign up here.

What is the age limit to participate in martial arts?

We offer separate martial arts classes for children as young as 5-7 years old, 8-12 years old, and upwards to adolescents and adults.

Can I try before I become a member?

Absolutely! You're welcome to take a non-committal trial class to see if this is something you'd like to pursue. Register here on this page, and your local HITIO Gym will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable day and time.

Start today for a stronger tomorrow!

Join as a member today and kickstart your journey towards a healthier and stronger future!

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