💪🏼🥊 HITIO Gym franchise has arrived in the UK to tackle adolescent inactivity! With two franchisees already opening in Orpington and Hoxton, HITIO is combining traditional gym with martial arts to create a fun and family-friendly workout experience. With over 30 centers in Norway, HITIO is seeing impressive results and is on the lookout for more franchisees in the UK!

💪🏼🧘‍♀️ With 40% of members under 16, HITIO offers a full range of martial arts and wellness classes, from Junior Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu to Yoga and Pilates. Encouraging junior participation is key to HITIO’s success, and the model is built to support adolescent activity levels.

💡 According to WHO, National Library of Medicine, NHS and others, adolescent physical inactivity is a major concern linked to global health problems, including cardio-metabolic and mental health disorders. HITIO Founder, Per Christian Pedersen, recognizes this and wants to help overcome these challenges with HITIO Gym’s supportive and social environment.

🎉On January 21st, Per Christian Pedersen visited the UK to celebrate the first anniversary of the Orpington club and launch the local schools support program, ‘FIT FUNDS.’ Managing Director of HITIO Gym Orpington, Manisha Nagpal, believes that training and exercising as a family is a great way to encourage partnership, teamwork, and fun, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Find out more about HITIO Gym at www.hitiogym.com