Group classes



What is HITIO Tiger?

The HITIO Tiger program offers children aged 5-7 years a focused training program for developing skills such as focus, collaboration, control, balance, memory, discipline, physique, and coordination in a motivating and fun way.

All of these are important skills to develop for when they are at school, at the sports arena or advancing into further lessons at HITIO Gym.

The program has been developed based on this age group’s skills and abilities. Once completed and all stripes and belts are achieved, they are ready to advance to the junior 1 class.

Each week a skill is focused on and stripes are awarded at the end of each class for completing the skills. The children are encouraged to clap and support each other for a job well done. Every 9 weeks, there is a belt ceremony for the children where everyone who has been awarded eight stripes gets a new belt.

For parents, a half-yearly overview of the skills each child will be trained in will be posted in the gym. It will also serve as a reference to parents and children, who can see which color the children will earn on their stripes each week.

Skill Stripes:

Week 1: Focus: White stripe
Week 2: Cooperation: Yellow stripe
Week 3: Control: Green stripe
Week 4: Balance: Blue stripe
Week 5: Memory: Purple stripe
Week 6: Discipline: Brown stripe
Week 7: Physique: Red stripe
Week 8: Coordination: Black stripe

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