Frequently asked questions

Why do I get invoice / reminder when I have AvtaleGiro?

Upon registration, all members fill out a form regarding the creation of AvtaleGiro, which HITIO Gym sends to your bank. It can take between 5 and 50 days before an AvtaleGiro is registered with the bank. This time is due to the bank's processing time. As soon as HITIO Gym is notified by your bank that the agreement is activated, we will make moves on the 15th of each month. If your agreement is activated in the bank and you still receive the invoice, this may be due to the following:
- The agreement was not activated in our system when we submitted moves for the coming month. (Draws made on the 15th of each month are sent from HITIO Gym to the bank about the 28th of last month).
- You have even stopped the AvtaleGiro.
- You have changed bank or fitness centre. In these cases, a new AvtaleGiro must be created.
- If you receive a reminder/payment reminder, this is probably due to the fact that there was no coverage on the account on the 15th when the move was made.
- If you receive a reminder, check your bank statement for the month the reminder is paid for. If you are still unsure whether to pay or not, please contact HITIO Gym Customer Service for more information.

What is the annual fee?

All members of the HITIO Gym pay a compulsory annual fee for membership of the HITIO chain. This means the following benefits to you:
- You are covered for any damage occurring during training or during competitions through the Sport Cover (contact customer service for more information on the terms).
- You get your own membership card that you can use to train at all of the chain's centers.
For family membership, you pay full price for the first member. Then there is a 50% discount on the remaining family members (this only applies to full membership). Remember that the annual fee is mandatory when training at HITIO Gym. The annual fee must be paid in order for you to be covered for any damage that should occur during training or on competitions. For any questions, please contact customer service.
Case processing in case of injury:
Claims must be reported to the Sport Cover. The claim form must be filled in by the member and the center. Receipts for the expenses must also be attached.

What date does payment happen?

All payments take place on the 15th of every month. This applies to all our training agreements. In order to keep the best possible overview and efficient payment processing, we do not have the opportunity to have other drawing dates in the system.

Can I transfer my local membership from one gym to another?

You can transfer your membership by completing a new contract at the gym you want to move to. It is noted on the contract that it is a transfer and we then change the affiliation to your membership.

Can I freeze my membership for a period?

The training agreement can be frozen for the following reasons:
- An illness that is documented by a medical certificate and which means that one cannot train.
- A pregnancy that means that one cannot or does not want to exercise.
- Military service.
- Posting to work or studies to places where HITIO Gym is not located.
There is no freezer or exemption from payment on holiday. Freeze of the membership contract must be set and approved in advance and the documentation must follow the freezing application. Freezing of membership is not granted retrospectively. Freeze of contract period applies a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months. Freeze is provided throughout months. The binding time is shifted by as many months as the exemption is granted so that the duration of the membership is at least 6 or 12 paying months.

I have changed bank - what do I do to continue with AvtaleGiro?

To continue with AvtaleGiro, you must re-create the agreement in your new bank. You can do this most easily in the online bank:
- Pay an amount corresponding to one monthly move and use the same KID and account number as before.
- Accept the offer of AvtaleGiro in the online bank.
- Accept the bank's proposal for the amount limit.
Please contact us if you do not have a KID and account number, or are unsure of which amount to pay. Alternatively, you can fill out a new drop on your center.
NB: If the agreement with your old bank has not been completed, it will block the appointment of a new agreement. You then have to end your old agreement yourself before you create a new AvtaleGiro.

What are the conditions of termination?

All cancellations must be made in writing to the center you are training at. All training agreements have either 6 or 12 months of binding time. Upon expiry of the binding period, the agreement will continue with one month's notice period until the agreement is terminated. The notice period is one month from the first month after the resignation has been received by HITIO Gym.