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Nugent Shopping Park, Unit 13A, Cray Ave, Orpington BR5 3RP
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5 AM - 10 PM

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5 AM - 6 PM

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8.30 AM - 8.00 PM

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Welcome to HITIO Gym Orpington!

HITIO Gym brings a unique fitness concept to Orpington, combining a modern gym set-up with top of the range fitness equipment and fitness classes complimented with a versatile martial arts class timetable which available for ages 5 years and up, creating the ultimate family fitness experience.

We are a locally owned/family run business and we welcome everyone no matter your background, size, age or fitness level. We are here to create a friendly and fun atmosphere to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Train with your friends, family, or individually!

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    Fitness and Martial Art Classes we Offer


    The HITIO Tiger program offers children aged 5-7 years a focused training program for developing skills such as focus, collaboration, control, balance, memory, discipline, physique, and coordination in a motivating and fun way.

    Gym Introduction

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    BJJ is often considered the most effective 1v1 martial art, and a lot of what we practice is essentially geared toward self-defense situations. In this martial art, you will train with the traditional GI and focus on grappling, where the art lies in controlling and incapacitating your opponent and making them surrender by tapping out.


    Kickboxing is an exciting martial art and training form that can be practiced in different ways. There is no limit to who can start doing kickboxing. The classes are really effective training, while being fun and varied at the same time. Kickboxing is often referred to as a the “calorie killer”.

    Fitness Boxing

    Fitness Boxing is a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) class with inspiration from martial arts-inspired exercises. The purpose of Fitness Boxing is to maximize the training effect on a short workout. Through these exercises, you will develop both strength and endurance.

    Self Defence


    Crosstraining is a fun class with lots of energy. This session is suitable for ALL, as exercises and workouts are scalable to your physical requirements. Crosstraining is a session focused on strength, endurance and technique. A workout will give you a full body workout developing your stamina and strength.



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    Unlimited access to gym.


    GYM & fitness
    Unlimited access to Gym, Fitness Classes. Cross Training, Abs Classes, Fitness Boxing, Yoga & Pilates.


    Unlimited access to Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Tiger programme ages 5-7 years. Karate & Kickboxing ages 8-12 years only. Teenage Cross Training Class


    Unlimited access to Gym, Fitness and Martial Arts Classes. FREE Consultation and Body Scan with 8 week follow up included to achieve your fitness goals.


    Enjoy family time together! Maximum 2 adults and unlimited children within one household (5-15). Adults are permitted full access to Gym, Fitness classes, & Martial Arts. Children can enjoy unlimited Tiger Classes aged 5-7 and Kickboxing/Karate Classes aged 8-12, whilst parents/guardian can enjoy a workout too.



    Since joining HITIO GYM I have never looked back since it has changed my lifestyle and I really enjoy coming to the gym. Have been to the gym for 5 months the staff are friendly and helpful and the classes are really enjoyable and motivating.

    Michelle Hon

    I love being a member at HITIO, the staff are so warm, friendly and approachable, and the facilities are always clean and well maintained. Between the challenges they run and the inspirational quotes printed on the walls around the building you're never stuck for motivation.

    Karen Whyte

    I am so thankful to have found this gym! Their package in terms of classes is great and really makes them stand apart from other gyms (classes like: martial arts, cross training, yoga ...) Everyone is super friendly, this includes both the members and the staff! The owners of the gym are fantastic - they are open to suggestions and you can see that they clearly want their gym to succeed. They have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into making a great gym. Would definitely recommend :)

    Benjamin Peters

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