Jarle wants to change lives

Jarle Eltervåg is one of our newest franchisees. He and his family are working hard to open MUDO Gym Kilden in Stavanger. But where did it all start?

“I have always been active, and my choice of education has also been in line with that. It started in high school, where the focus was on becoming the best at football. From playing at junior level at Bryne FK, my hometown club Ganddal IL, a season in the 2nd division with Klepp IL and two cruciate ligament operations later, I focused more on strength training and alternative training”, Jarle says.

The desire to start something on his own has been present for many years but became extra clear when he for the past eight years has been involved in running a gym for businesses in Oslo. He has also had most of his PT clients there.

“I think it is extremely rewarding to be able to influence and create something on your own, with help from family and friends. In the fitness industry, you have the opportunity to influence several people by helping to change lives, create joy and mastery. It is incredibly rewarding!”

For Jarle, training is simply a necessity to master all of life’s challenges.

“It gives me joy, confidence, and good experiences with workout buddies and family.”

When he got the chance to open a MUDO Gym, the timing was simply perfect.

“MUDO gave me the chance to follow the dream! The timing was right for me, who had just moved back to my hometown with my family. I believed in the model and fell for everything from the layout of the gyms to varied and exciting group lessons – and not least the family concept. For me, it was also incredibly important that it should be a complete and well-equipped gym.”

Jarle and the team are now working hard to open MUDO Gym Kilden during the spring of 2021, and the reveal of an opening date is imminent.

“We are really looking forward to welcoming the people when we open. I get a lot of positive feedback and we already have a lot of people signing up – even before the actual construction started! We look forward to reciprocating this trust through an incredibly great gym. We have an incredibly good team with everything from instructors to service staff and personal trainers.”